Job Details

Account Manager
Job Type
Full Time
Experience Needed
3-4 Years

Duties and Responsibilities

• Handling daily/ongoing internal & external communication.
• Briefing + Preparing & Sending meeting minutes.
• Problem solving for operational challenges.
• Business opportunity grabbing & upselling.
• Maintaining Kijamii`s image & positioning as a digital consultant.
• Being updated with market trends & monitoring the brand existence and performance vs. competition.
• Ensuring the client scope is applied
• Owning everything related to your client; process, communication & output.
• Media buying knowledge.
• Managing suppliers’ full communication process internally and externally.
• Preparing & presenting performance reports.
• Preparing & communicating accounts financials
• Handling small, medium and large scope video production processes.
• Preparing & presenting business reviews.
• Preparing & presenting client education trainings.
• Taking full responsibility in crisis management.

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