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We Are #Entrepreneurs

Our story as entrepreneurs nurtured a culture of entrepreneurship reflected in the work of every KIJAMIIte. We take initiative; proactivity and trial & error comprise our style. And our passions is the fuel to our engine of growth.

We Are #Digital Media #Geeks

We communicate effectively, listen actively and have genuine interest in people. In addition, we are proud of our geekyness which is relentlessly curious and are always fascinated by how technology is revolutionizing our world.

We Are Committed To Achieving Self-actualization

We have faith in our potential and possess the bravery needed for the never-ending process of moving forward. We are always willing to challenge both the predominant status-quo and the unquestioned assumptions.

We Are #Global #Citizens

We are a global company operating in different parts of the world. We live up to the international quality standards and strive to raise the bar. We update ourselves with the latest global trends and think through global perspectives while leveraging on the local differences. We are fast paced, dynamic, flexible and constantly work on reinventing ourselves.

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